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About «NATEK»


The company «NATEK» was organized in 1999 as a company with a narrow specialization in production  of wide range and  high quality therapeutic oils, produced by cold pressing. The Institute of Electronics, Uzbek Academy of Sciences was created and tested unique equipment for the production of vegetable oil by cold pressing, making it possible to preserve all the natural substances (minerals and vitamins) with healing properties. On the creation of such facility science team was working  about 5 years. The result was unique and very important to mention that, it is ecologically pure product which can cure many diseases without any chemical additives. Due to appearance of natural oil, the demand for all sorts of natural remedies has been grown.

In May 2000,the technological process ofoil extractionby cold pressinghas been verifiedand approved by theMinistry of Health ofthe Republic of Uzbekistan. The producthas been certifiedin the laboratoriesof the CentralSanitary EpidemiologicalCentre andthe Institute of Chemistryof Plant Substancesof the Academy ofSciences of Uzbekistan.In August 2000,were obtainedHygiene Certificateand Certificateof Conformityto thesesameand peanutbutterof our productionunder the brand name«SEZAM».At the same time, the stores and were produced firstbottles ofmedicinalsesameand peanut butter.

At the end of2003variety of productshas increased significantly.There was additional types of oil proposedto customers,such as  almond, peach, grapeand apricot kernel oil, which foundits value immediatelyamong  consumersof cosmetics andmedicines. Two yearsago, wehave mastered theproduction inoilsof Nigélla damáscena(black cuminor sedans). Throughpropermarketingapproach tothe implementationof new products, market sales has significantly  increased by new obtained customers especially wholesaledrug companies, pharmacies andonlinestores sellingcosmeticproducts.

Today thecompany«NATEK»quite successfullystarted exportingits productsto Turkey,  USA andthe companyhopes that in thenear future,our products will be presented in wider range andfindtheir consumers  in these and other countries.

The companyis working ona seriousexpansion of assortment. Soon,under the name«SEZAM»in storesand pharmacieswill be presentedoil -extract ofmedicinal herbsand plants,pumpkin seed oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil,seed oilplum,melon,watermelonand manyother species.

Thecompanyrefers to the qualityof the product very responsibly.The buyerof productsunder the brand name«SEZAM»,generallyvery "picky" and attentive.Sowe try tomeet the expectationsof consumersand to preventlow-qualityraw materialsfor processing, as well using verymeticulousapproach to thenorms andrulesof production.We also try toidentify the factsand incidents ofcounterfeitingof our products.

In terms of quality, it is enough to mention our regularpartners  and consumerproductsunder the brand name«SEZAM»:LLC "Asclepius, the network of pharmacies "Oxy Med", LLC "Omad nurFarm", LLC "NOVBAHOR savdo" and many, many other majorfirmsarealso closelyapproach the issue.


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